Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings to all our members and friends

“It has been a great year for the CSIG group. We have introduced new releases of charts, added new platforms, produced new icons, opened new areas to navigation, added many more testers, added new surveyors, upgraded the surveyors app, conducted Pilot tests with WI, released a new distribution methodology, and had great fun doing it all. Many thanks to all of you, for the support and assistance in keeping this great project alive. 

Here’s to next year and another great boating and charting season.

See details here From our PRO

Progress from the CSIG – Jul 2015

At the end of our first year in operation, October 2012, we were delighted to report there were 27 CSIG members.  At that time, some surveying and mapping was complete, IWAI Branches had started to help us financially, and as a group, we were excited and astonished at the huge task we had undertaken.

Today, two and a half years later and thanks to the support of many, we have Charts at various stages for Lough Derg, Lough Erne, Limerick, Lough Ree, Lower Shannon, the Shannon Erne Waterway and the Upper Shannon. We are currently working on the charts for the Grand and Royal Canals, the Green and Silver Route.  Our membership has grown to 34 with 79 over 100 (Aug 2015) IWAI members testing the Beta 5 release.

We know IWAI members enjoy using and testing the charts produced by the CSIG and those of us involved in surveying and mapping, welcome your comments and corrections.  Here is a recent example of feedback.  “In a word – fantastic! ………. Particularly useful is the fact that the buoys are numbered and the depths are impressively accurate. ………. One of my favourite places is the delightful Barley Harbour. On my first visit some years ago, I was not sure of the location of the shallow area just to the NW of the approach, my props found it though! Now I look forward to regular returns to Barley with the confidence of knowing exactly where to avoid, thanks to the CSIG charting. ………. Many thanks for the extraordinary amount of time and effort you and your colleagues have dedicated to the CSIG project. For those of us who enjoy going ‘off channel’ it has opened up whole new areas to explore and enjoy with confidence.”

Come and join us, in our surveying and mapping efforts or by testing and using the Beta releases, “every little bit helps” to make the charts more accurate for all.

If you would like to read about how we got from there to here and about some of the people involved, go to From our PRO where you will find CSIG articles that have appeared in the IWAI’s Inland Waterways News (IWN), in recent years.

CSIG Charts Version B5 – release – May 2015

Version Beta 5 of the Charts will be loaded for Locus and Galileo over tonight and tomorrow (May 29th and 30th).  The Memory Map version should appear next week.

Brian Willson states “Thanks to the huge amount of surveying that Robert Navan has been doing on his holidays, a new algorithm for picking spot depths and the addition of the new yellow survey buoys on Lough Derg I feel it is time to release the next version of charts.”

“………. we now have 2.74 million valid depth readings, and I am putting just over 216,000 into the charts.  The rest of the data is not wasted, it is used to validate other readings and to produce the depth contour colours.”


CSIG Charts Version B3 – update – Apr 2015

There has been superb feedback from those using the B3 version of the CSIG charts, across various platforms.  Thank you for the comments and compliments!

The errors found, are being investigated, rectified and will be made available in the next release.

We have recently welcomed three more IWAI members to the team.  If you would like to get involved, do contact the CSIG Team by e-mail and we will get you started.  For those Beta Testers who have not had the opportunity to use the charts yet, you are in for a treat.

Here’s to a great 2015 season and boating with the CSIG Charts.

As of April 17th, there are 31 people using and testing the charts!