Changes in this release:

Brian Willson writes, “More data has been added from our band of surveyors (special thanks for all their hard work).  Corrections made as reported from feedback.

To support the growing numbers of users on low-resolution devices, I have reduced the size of the spot depths, navigation marks and other icons.  Users of high-resolution devices may need to over zoom their display to compensate if your app supports it.  The overview zoom levels now show the navigation marks to aid with navigating the broad loughs whilst zoomed a long way out.

There are high-resolution images of a selection of interesting Islands on the two most detailed zoom levels of the charts. (See Holy Island on Lough Derg as an example)

The Grand Canal and the Barrow have had extensive makeovers due to much work/contribution this summer and there is more to come, plus updates to the Royal next year.

All this work and new data has increased the size of the charts so I have created some options to help those who do not need the whole set of data.

As always, we welcome your feedback and constructive criticism for improving the charts.”