Currently, there are over thirty members of the CSIG, all contributing in some way to the project.

Because of the wide range of information to be gathered and added to the charts, there is a need for many people with different knowledge of our lakes, canals and rivers. We have people with mapping, surveying, equipment, archaeology, waterways history, built heritage, data analysis, liaison, public relations, photography, website and communications skills.Meeting Shannon Hbr Nov 2012

To facilitate interaction within the group we have set up a communications structure with a Communications Officer, Data Officer, Equipment Officer, Liaison Officer, Mapping Officer, Public Relations Officer and Surveying Officer.

Training and guidance in surveying, charting and the software and equipment used is available to all those volunteering to assist.

The CSIG welcomes input from anyone who wishes to help in any way. The kind of information we require, onshore and offshore, is wide ranging, such as the names of bays, hideaway places, walkways, cycleways, historical and industrial info, places to visit and so on. If you have in-depth knowledge of a particular area or any other of the skills listed, join us on this exciting journey.

To express your interest, obtain further information or find out about the next presentation, e-mail us at