Our Sponsors

The CSIG has members from eleven of the IWAI Branches and hopes to have members from throughout the IWAI in the not too distant future. We have had many kind words of support from right across the organization.

Due to the cooperative setup the CSIG has adopted and not being an entity within the IWAI in its own right, we chose the path of operating within the existing IWAI structure.  To do that, we needed an IWAI Branch to ‘own’ us. We were delighted when the Lough Derg IWAI offered at one of the early presentations to adopt us, but having said that, we are truly a cross-branch group open to everyone in the IWAI.

Effectively, Lough Derg IWAI manages our funds.  This structure has been set up so members of the CSIG can focus totally on the job of surveying, gathering and analysing information and charting, with no need for a formal committee.

Athlone, Carrick-on-Shannon, Cruising Club, Dublin, Kildare, Lough Derg, Lough Erne and Offaly IWAI have, so far, contributed funds.  Word has it that funds will likely come from many of the remaining branches.  We thank you all for the tremendous support we are receiving.

Many CSIG members have purchased their own equipment for use in surveying and charting. This hardware includes side-scanners, chart-plotters, IPads and laptops with software programs such as, DrDepth and Memory Map.  We have purchased Global Mapper to produce the charts.

If your Organisation or IWAI Branch would like a presentation on the accomplishments, work and plans of the CSIG, please contact us.  Individuals, Organisations and IWAI Branches can donate funds to the CSIG by contacting Michael Geraghty, Treasurer at loughderg@iwai.ie