Latest version is dated Jan 2024

Chart Setup Process

  1. Download the charts to your PC
  2. Transfer Charts to device
  3. Import charts into your selected Chart application

NOTE Some charts are large >2gb so only download on wired, broadband connection, otherwise it will take a lot of time and mobile charges (you have been warned).

The number of downloads is currently not controlled as there can be problems downloading such large files, so a small number of re-downloads is expected and understandable.

We would like to point out that you should not be sharing your login details with anybody else, nor are you permitted to download the files and give them to others.

These charts are produced for the benefit of IWAI Members, free to use and enjoy as the charts are created by members for members. Please encourage those to whom you show the charts and are impressed, to join IWAI and access the charts legitimately.

When a member signs up to get the charts there is a disclaimer to protect the IWAI from litigation, and while we take all due care and attention to ensure the accuracy of the charts, this cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the team, the equipment we use and the scope of the project.  Ultimately, the control and use of the charts is up to you the vessel captains.

Charts given to others without them agreeing to the disclaimer could expose IWAI to litigation and by encouraging people to join the Association you are strengthening the Association

Downloads are and will not be limited for now, but should a high level of re-downloads be evident we will have to consider introducing some control to protect IWAI and all the thousands of hours of surveying and fuel used by members to create these charts

Chart legend- explains contours and markers CSIG Chart Legend

Please select the device you want to use the charts on


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