Get and Setup Charts on Ipad or Iphone

For Apple devices there are two versions of the charts

LITE – Smaller files (max 580mb) Contains all chart zoom levels except the highest , can be used for all normal navigation

FULL – Larger files (max 2Gb)  Contains 1 additional zoom level with the highest details , use for off  normal navigation

Within each of the LITE of FULL chart set the charts are divided into 5 subsets of charts

CSIG Canals –  Only the Inland waterway Canals ( Royal , Grand etc )

CSIG Erne  – Only Lough Erne

CSIG Shannon – Only the  Shannon Navigation

CSIG ShannonErne – Shannon , SEW and Erne

CSIG Inland Waterways – All of the Inland waterways of Ireland

You don’t need all of them , just download below (click on) the one that best matches your normal area , you can always come back and download others if needed

Steps to Get the charts and setup on your Ipad/ Iphone

  1. Go to Apple Store and buy Guru Pro   Get Guru , or Cartographer 2 Maps   Cartograph –  Cartographer is much cheaper and works just fine
  2. Download the relevant chart to your PC from below
  3. If zipped , Unzip the downloaded file(s) in a folder (if you select more than 1 file to download they will be downloaded as a zip file)  , make sure that they are fully unzipped , File type should be (*.mbtiles) using an application like PeaZip Get PeaZip 
  4. Connect your Ipad/Iphone to your PC and use Itunes , file sharing to transfer the selected charts to your Ipad. Loading charts with Itunes 

Note: Most Ipads do not have GPS , so you will need to buy and connect a Bluetooth GPS dongle to tell the Ipad your position.Info on Bluetooth GPS Dongles 

If your position is not on the waterways , you will not see anything as the charts are blank outside the waterways areas