The CSIG Lough Derg Team invite you to experience surveying with a hands-on demonstration and real survey work.

You can join them in their cruisers or on the new Derg Branch workboat, converted for survey and other types of work.  Brian Wilson and Fergal Kerney will be running this initiative, as part of the Lough Derg Branch CIC over the Easter weekend.

The plan, amongst other activities, is to survey the Scariff River and if weather permits, to chase down those nasty, nasty bits around the Middle Ground.  An opportunity not to be missed and you get to join in with the craic on the Scariff CIC as well.

Your finds will likely be charted forever more, so you can tell your kids and grandkids, “see that, I found that!”

Les Saunders, CSIG PRO warns, “This can get very infectious, so have the grass cut before you start!”

Contact Fergal in advance, if you plan to come.