Which Applications

Which Applications are supported? 

Memory Map  

Memory map is best for use on PC/Laptop, but can be used on IPad also  

Memory map for PC/Laptop provides additional features that allow you to add your own data, Places of Interest, link images etc.  

Both versions need the purchase of a 3rd party chart license to be able to load the CSIG charts 

Note the IPad version of memory map does not allow the additional features 

The IPad version can be found on the IOS App store  


The PC/Laptop version  

 Download the app from here, its free to download 


Then go here  


 And create a new user account and purchase the 3rd party license


For the PC and IPad without a GPS receiver (Only the GSM version has a GPS receiver) you will need to buy a GPS receiver, For PC you can buy a cheaper USB dongle, but for the IPad, you have to buy a Bluetooth GPS dongle, make sure that it is Apple compatible .



Available on the Apple Apps store , Galileo is an IOS IPad app is currently costs €3.99 for the pro version to enable all functionality. 



Is an Android tablet app and can be found on the google play store if you don’t mind the adverts you don’t have to purchase the license but there is additional useful functionality available in the pro version. 



Available on the Apple apps store and Google Store, this app is still in early days of development but allows greater control over the displayed size of the charts which is useful on low resolution devices – available for IOS and Android