Our Technical Team has been slogging away working on both surveying and mapping.  Brian Willson has taken the lead with Mapping and now six of the team are happily creating charts, thanks to the recent Training courses.

With sufficient detailed charts now in our repository, we are moving into the next phase.

Beta Testing

Having reviewed the quality of the charts, the Tech Team concluded that it is now safe to release them for Beta Testing.  Those accepting the charts to test will be required to attend a training day before testing begins, in order to maintain consistency and continuity and to monitor progress going forward.   We will be asking Testers to complete detailed responses to the test questions, distributed by the Technical Team.

Next Phase

As we embark on this phase of chart development, the CSIG need to formalise the members into new active groups, to participate in specific functional areas.  Currently, we are interacting with all members of the CSIG to obtain information on how they feel their skills might better fit into the new groupings.

We continue to have a need for more Surveyors, Testers and Mappers, but also for photographic skills, website assistance, communications skills, public relations and advocates.  If you think you can help in these areas or in others that we may not have mentioned here and have a bearing on what we are achieving, do e-mail us for a chat.

We could use help in carrying out exploratory non-depth related surveys of areas, to ascertain if they might be suitable to do full bathymetric surveying.  Also, assistance with the write-ups for harbour approaches and facilities and in surveying from small craft (canoes etc.) the reed lines and reed beds.  All this information contributes to broadening the content and accuracy of the charts.

Don’t worry about not being able to do something, if you have an interest we will teach you.


So, great news for the CSIG, this is a major milestone that we have reached.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and assisted us in getting to this point.

The CSIG Team contact address is csig@iwai.ie